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Become a 6-figure Mobile developer by building the apps you love

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After completing this course, you will:

  • Build 2 portfolio-ready mobile apps
  • Be confident in taking any mobile app from 0 to market
  • Master hybrid mobile development for iOS and Android with React Native
  • Build a full-stack Instagram clone
  • Create beautiful UI and animations
  • Setup a CI/CD pipeline that will automatically build and deliver your app to the market
  • BECOME HIREABLE and start earning a 6-figure income
  • Be comfortable with AWS Amplify
  • Setup an Authentication system with email and social providers like Google and Facebook.
  • Design and implement complex Database Systems and GrapqhQL APIs
  • Implement real-time messaging
  • Design and Implement a following system that will power the feed.
  • Build highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective backend systems using AWS

Nader Dabit

ex AWS Senior Developer Advocate, Author of "React Native in action" book

"I worked on the Amplify team at AWS for over three years, and Vadim hands down is one of the best teachers I've had the opportunity to work with. He has the ability to explain and demonstrate complex topics, focusing on real-world examples that are extremely valuable for any developer looking to understand how to build full stack apps on AWS. I highly recommend Vadim's course."

What will you build?

The best way to learn a new technology is to build something with it. That's why the course will focus on hands-on experience. You are going to build 2 projects.

The first project will be an easy one. By building it, you will learn and strengthen your React Native and Javascript skills. This is a great start for beginners.

With the knowledge and confidence from the first project, we will build the most in-depth, end-to-end, full-stack Instagram clone out there.



The tech stack of the future

  • Write Android and iOS apps, that look and feel native, with Javascript 
  • Large developer community
  • 42% of the developers used React Native in 2020 to program mobile apps
  • 87% faster time to market compared to native development
  • Great development experience similar to WEB
  • Live and Hot reloading
  • Mature and Robust framework
  • Amplify helps front-end web and mobile developers build full-stack applications on AWS faster
  • Forget about managing and patching the server. Everything is automatically managed for us
  • Only pay for the services you use
  • Modern UI-driven approach to building apps
  • Improved app performance with built-in support for backend management
  • Benefit from data centers and network architectures that are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations
Companies using React Native

Rhiannon Monks

Founder, CEO

"I have been following Vadim’s tutorial for just under a year now., and completed with no trouble his Netflix and MERN stack series. I find it really empowering to build full stack mobile products in under 10 hours, I’ve enjoyed using new technologies like AWS Amplify, and how quickly it is to integrate SDKs such as Revenue Cat and get retailed products live in the app stores within days."

Core course modules

React Native

  1. Environment setup
  2.  React Native Fundamentals
    • Learn the fundamentals of React Native and brush up your Javascript knowledge by building an easy project
    • JSX, Builtin components (Text, Image, View, Buttons, ...), custom functional components, styling, props, state, hooks (useState, useEffect, ...)
  3. Instagram UI clone 
    • Home page UI
    • Stories UI and animations
    • Profile page, Update profile form
    • Navigation
  4. React Native best practices and optimization
  5. React Native Testing




AWS Amplify

  1. Introduction to AWS Amplify
  2. Authentication with custom auth screens and social providers (Facebook, Google, Apple)
  3. GraphQL API
  4. API queries and state management
  5. Storage for images and videos
  6. In-app and push notifications
  7. Analytics
  8. Followers system and following based feed
  9. Real-time messaging



  1. Production & development environments
  2. Build the app for android and ios
  3. Deploy to AppStore and Play Market
  4. Automate the deployment with CI/CD 

The modules are subject to change.

If you have any recommendations, write them to [email protected]

Meet Vadim Savin

Hi 👋 Let me introduce myself

I started my career as a Fullstack Developer when I was 16 y.o.

In search of more freedom, I transitioned to freelancing, which quickly grew into a global software development agency 🔥

Because that was not challenging enough, I started my startup which is used by over 20k users. This experience gave another meaning to being a (notJust) developer 🚀

I am also a proud ex-Amazon SDE and Certified AWS Architect, Developer and SysOps. You are in good hands 👌

I have cloned most of the applications you have on your mobile phone, here are some of them →

WhatsApp | Uber | Tesla | Amazon | Netflix | Airbnb and more

What people are saying...

Catalin Pit

Developer Advocate at Hashnode

"Vadim is a great developer and engaging instructor! The proof can be seen on his YouTube channel, where he uploads React Native and AWS Amplify videos regularly."

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